Tongue Scraper Copper - Tongue Cleaner - Tongue Scrubber

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Tongue Scraper Copper - Tongue Cleaner - Tongue Scrubber

Tongue Scraper Copper - Tongue Cleaner - Tongue Scrubber

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FRESHEN YOUR BREATH - IMPROVE TASTE AND DIGESTION: The copper tongue scraper for adults and kids can clean your tongue in a few seconds. Tongue scraping reduces bad breath, removes bacteria, improves taste and jump starts digestion Youd better get this done right OUR SCRAPER REDUCES OR ELIMINATES THE GAG REFLEX - This well-designed tongue scraper is curved, with a smooth and flat edge. This allows it to evenly spread out the pressure, which reduces or eliminates the gag reflex. As you gently scrape from the very back all the way to the front, it easily and effectively removes the coating of plaque and bacteria EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Copper is known to help fight bacteria, while being resistant, good looking, easy to clean, disinfect, and reuse Unlike other cheap plastic tongue scraper tools, use a new tongue cleaner quickly and easily every day.

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